LesLee® Recordings

A mix of recordings made with the all new Pickup LesLee® in stereo and mono. Please use headphones or place yourself in the sweet spot of your studio or hi-fi monitors to experience the full stereo image. Additional videos on YouTube.

Tobias Hoffmann - "Five Guitars and Two Amps" Vol. 1

Pickup LesLee® in S T E R E O mode

Fender Telecaster®, Fender Stratocaster®, Fender Jazzmaster®, Gibson Les Paul® and a fabulous Deimel Guitarworks Firestar. All equipped with Pickup LesLee® in one video! Tobias uses a twin looper pedal and plays into two Fender Deluxe Reverb® silver face amps with Pickup LesLee® in stereo mode and medium left/right panning of the dual output channels.

Luke Cyrus Goetze - first encounter, LesLee® stereo recording

Pickup LesLee® for Telecaster (version with tone control) installed into Luke's special Telecaster® with Jazzmaster® vibrato system. Awesome playing, thx Luke !

Luke Cyrus - overdrive amp, univibe style sounds, mono

Tobias Hoffmann - playing Deimel Guitarworks Firestar #130

In collaboration with Deimel Guitarworks we equipped this radically wonderful guitar with the new version of Pickup LesLee®. Watch Tobias play four beautiful tracks on this special instrument!

PC Nackt @ Chez Cherie - Berlin

PC exploring his newly installed LesLee® unit in auto-stutter mode with one pickup oscillating instead of two pickups alternating.

*iPhone recording

Tobias Hoffmann playing Deimel Firestar

The wonderful musician, composer & guitarist Tobias Hoffmann from Cologne, Germany explores the sonic textures of Pickup LesLee® for the very first time. The guitar is an amazing Deimel Firestar from Deimelguitarworks.

*iPhone recording

Heinz Rebellius - Stratocaster with LesLee®

Musician & author Heinz Rebellius visited the LesLee HQ on October 7th 2022 - to have a LesLee installed into his Fender Stratocaster®. These are the first few moments of him discovering the stereo LesLee sounds - on Logic Pro Twin Reverb sims.

*iPhone recording

light overdrive w spring reverb - stereo


clean amp sounds - stereo

Arthur von Berg

experimental set ups

AvB - Fender Twin & Marshall Plexi