LesLee Recordings

A mix of recordings made with the all new Pickup LesLee in stereo and mono. Please use headphones or place yourself in the sweet spot of your studio or hi-fi monitors to experience the full stereo image. Additional videos on YouTube.

Tobias Hoffmann - "Five Guitars and Two Amps" Vol. 1

Pickup LesLee in S T E R E O mode

Fender Telecaster®, Fender Stratocaster®, Fender Jazzmaster®, Gibson Les Paul® and a fabulous Deimel Guitarworks Firestar. All equipped with Pickup LesLee® in one video! Tobias uses a twin looper pedal and plays into two Fender Deluxe Reverb® silver face amps with Pickup LesLee® in stereo mode and medium left/right panning of the dual output channels.

Luke Cyrus Goetze - first encounter, LesLee stereo recording

Pickup LesLee for Telecaster (version with tone control) installed into Luke's special Telecaster® with Jazzmaster® vibrato system. Awesome playing, thx Luke !

Luke Cyrus - overdrive amp, univibe style sounds, mono

Tobias Hoffmann - playing Deimel Guitarworks Firestar #130

In collaboration with Deimel Guitarworks we equipped this radically wonderful guitar with the new version of Pickup LesLee. Watch Tobias play four beautiful tracks on this special instrument!

PC Nackt @ Chez Cherie - Berlin

PC exploring his newly installed LesLee unit in auto-stutter mode with one pickup oscillating instead of two pickups alternating.

*iPhone recording

Tobias Hoffmann playing Deimel Firestar

The wonderful musician, composer & guitarist Tobias Hoffmann from Cologne, Germany explores the sonic textures of Pickup LesLee® for the very first time. The guitar is an amazing Deimel Firestar from Deimelguitarworks.

*iPhone recording

Heinz Rebellius - Stratocaster with LesLee

Musician & author Heinz Rebellius visited the LesLee HQ on October 7th 2022 - to have a LesLee installed into his Fender Stratocaster®. These are the first few moments of him discovering the stereo LesLee sounds - on Logic Pro Twin Reverb sims.

*iPhone recording

light overdrive w spring reverb - stereo


clean amp sounds - stereo

Arthur von Berg

experimental set ups

AvB - Fender Twin & Marshall Plexi