... simply by alternating the pickup signals

"The idea is pure and analog. Pickup LesLee® is a cool little extension to the concept of the electric guitar rather than another added effect or pedal - in how it utilizes the two native voices of your individual bridge and neck pickups - to generate a distinct, even vintage univibe-like new percussive tremolo sound ... by simply alternating the pickup signals."

LesLee® for Telecaster® effect unit


Using top quality components only & made to easily install into your guitar's control cavity - to reveal its true powers, sonically.

And at the push of a button, even in STEREO. Installation manuals in print & PDF.

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Once LesLee® is onboard, you can't see it. Your guitar looks unchanged, works much the same as ever - and also remains 100% reversible to its original state.

All needed functions are integrated - and simply added to the existing controls - on all models.

available models
LesLee® motherboard V2


The brand new V2 motherboard executes the necessary tasks with excellence and ultra low power consumption. #nobattery

It processes the analog, passive pickup signals, maintaining the pure sound of your guitar.