Lee Ranaldo

& the 12-string Deimel Jazzmaster with LesLee

"I’ve loved playing Deimel guitars since 2003 when I bought my first one. They’ve been wonderful companions, both on the road with Sonic Youth and my own groups, and in the studio. I've just received the upgraded new LesLee unit in my Deimel 12-string after returning home from touring."

Deimel Guitarworks

Chan Marshall


“Dude, if I need one thing in my guitar life, it’s this “Pickup LesLee”! I got lucky & was able to reconnect with an old, old homie backstage in Belgium & he brought it for me to try it out… & man, I AM HOOKED🤟

Thanks Pascal‼️

I’m awaiting my #vintage #danelectro set up 😎

#stereo #mono #ultra #nice #leslee

David Pajo

Aerial M, Papa M, Slint, Tortoise, Will Oldham, King Kong, Royal Trux, Interpol, Stereolab, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Gang Of Four .. and many more

The LesLee pickup switching system is absolutely my secret weapon. Much more than a tremolo or rotating speaker effect, it’s a completely new timbre that will still feel “classic” to the casual listener. You can really open up the sound and make it your own in stereo but I often prefer the subtle depth in mono. I found it enjoyable to install and really appreciated that everything you would possibly need is included.

Papa M on Spotify

Mauro Pawlowski


"LesLee sounds and feels like space dancing. Finally!"

Luke Cyrus Goetze

Steel guitar & electric guitar wizard

"The sound inspires the song. There are a lot of songs in LesLee."

Luke's Youtube channel

Arthur von Berg

The Mad Trist, Bounty Island

"Here’s an analog idea that digital processing can't reproduce. It feels and sounds like an old technique and it could have been invented in the sixties, but it's new! The tonal differences of your pickups give LesLee a unique rhythmic motion."