tech specs and operating info

All units are made to the highest standards using premium quality components and professional grade ingredients - CTS®, Bourns® and MEC® switched potentiometers, silver coated Belden® wire (!) and Switchcraft® output jacks & slide switches. This guarantees to preserve - if not improve - the sound of your guitar.


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• All LesLee units are based on the new motherboard V2 that switches your original passive pickup signals in their pure analog quality. They're not altered, neither when LesLee is ON (analog processing) nor when LesLee is OFF (true bypass).

• That means that every LesLee sounds unique, based on your guitar's contrast between the neck and bridge pickups and how they're set.

• When LesLee is OFF your guitar works just like you're used to it, with pickup selector switch and volume and tone controls. Please see the individual product descriptions in the shop for more detailed infos per model.

• V2 comes with STEREO capabilities for 2-channel recording and dual amping and operates in two modes: stereo and mono. For mono use a regular guitar cable and for stereo use the included TRS split cable.

• In stereo mode with LesLee ON you hear one oscillating pickup per channel - and with LesLee OFF the guitar outputs the regular signal on both channels in double mono.

• In mono mode you can achieve "auto-stutter" (muted bridge pickup) by switching to stereo - on all models.

• when using two amps see: general note on safe, hum-free dual amping.

• The tremolo speed range starts at around 0,4Hz and goes to about 12Hz for high speed. That's a wider range than most classic tremolo effects.

• By design the switching is rather square and results in LesLee's distinct percussive characteristic, which inspires to even adopt new or reduced playing styles within this new tonal behavior and its extra layer of attacks .. similar to playing a rhythmical delay .. but different, as it's not repeating played attacks but sculpting new ones into sustaining notes.

• The V2 motherboard is designed in collaboration with Matthias Grob and Frank Deimel, produced to high quality standards - and is made in Germany.


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Every model comes with its model-specific layout and mounts into the control cavity of your guitar and the existing holes on your pickguard - Depending on the model, one or two push/pull pots extend the existing functionality and add the following controls:

• ON/OFF ... switch

• SPEED ... potentiometer

• MONO/STEREO ... switch

• A separate intensity control is part of the Jaguar® and Jazzmaster® models. 

• On all other models you can still access full intensity - a cool auto-stutter effect - in mono mode by switching to stereo, or using master volume in stereo mode.

• Speed might appear counter-intuitive, but that has to do with the use of logarithmic pots for speed and the comfort they add to adjusting within the speed range. Just think "duration" and all is good ;) 

• The left handed versions of Pickup LesLee fit into left handed guitars, but we use regular potentiometers (non reversed).

• See the product pages for the individual layouts.


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• Instead of a battery LesLee uses a custom made supercapacitor with an ultralong life span. The minimal recharge cycle count on the data sheet promises 10.000 charges, but in real life you can reach 3-5 times that. So, Pickup LesLee is maintenance free for some 50-100 years until the supercapacitor would need to be renewed. I can only guess at this point in time, but probably the speed pot will need to be replaced before the supercapacitor is due.

• LesLee is charged with the included charging cable and a 9V battery via the regular output jack of your guitar.

If you connect a brand new 9V battery to the cable it will be good for many hundreds of charges, especially if it's an alkaline or a lithium type battery. But even a used 9V battery that doesn't work sufficiently in other devices anymore, can be used to charge LesLee for many more times.

• A regular charge is done in 10 seconds (90% full) and provides about 8 hours of effect time and about one week of stand-by time. That's comfortably more than enough for regular use. Recommended is doing a charge (10 sec) before every session or show. 

• If ever the charge is depleted below operating voltage, the LesLee function will stop and your guitar will output both pickups simultaneously. That is when you know it's time for a recharge.

• In case your charging cable gets lost, you can use this quick guide on how to make one yourself, or you can also buy a replacement one in the shop ... I prefer you never lose it :)


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Every unit comes with a high quality 3-meter TRS split stereo cable. It's fitted with gold plated 1/4" (6,3mm) jack connectors, made from black braided cable and has a sturdy split section. It's also sold separately in the bottom section of the shop.

The included cable will be sufficiently long for use in a studio environment - plugging directly into your DAW - and will also comfortably reach your pedals from where you can extend to your dual amps in most live applications. If you need a longer cable you can use a commonly available 1/4" TRS insert cable.