tech specs and operational infos

... at the heart of operation

• All LesLee units are based on the same, all new motherboard V2.12 that switches the original pickup signals in their pure analog quality. That means your passive pickup signals are not altered, neither when LesLee is ON, nor when LesLee is or OFF.

• Instead of a battery LesLee® uses a custom made Supercapacitor that will last a life time, or two. The official minimal recharge cycles off the data sheet promise 10.000 charges, but in real life you can reach 3-5 times that.

• The power consumption of the board is ultra low and allows for regular charging within 10 seconds (90% full). One charge provides about 8 hours of effect time and about one week of stand-by time. This leads comfortably to more than enough running time for regular use, especially when recharging for a few seconds before a session or show.

• The motherboard is designed in collaboration with Matthias Grob ©2022

... a juicy cable

• LesLee is charged with the included charging cable from a 9V battery via the regular guitar output jack. Even a battery that has lost most of its charge and doesn't work well anymore in a pedal can be used to charge LesLee for many more times.


• Every model comes with its model-specific wiring harness, including the following controls:

- LesLee ON/OFF

- LesLee speed

- Mono/Stereo switch

- a separate intensity control is only part of LesLee for Jaguar® and Jazzmaster®.

On all other models you can access full intensity in mono mode by switching to stereo, or using master volume in stereo mode.

• The tremolo speed range starts around 0,4Hz and goes to about 12Hz at highest speed.

• All LesLee models have an amazing STEREO option for 2-channel recording and dual amping.